Title: London?

Series: Citybox- Guides to getting disoriented in town

Illustrations: Rachel Gannon, Fumie Kamijo, Flavien Louis, Xueh Magrini Troll, Andrea Meneghetti, Oscar Sabini.

Texts: Bas Bleu

Pages: 64

Product dimensions: 30×15 cm

Price: 20 euros




is the first book of the series Citybox – Guides to getting disoriented in town: surreal guides that depict through images and words a different city from the one we are familiar with, capturing uncommon details and emotions.


Did you know that you can get to London? on a whale, or by the Saturday morning hot-air balloon? That you can have breakfast in the silence of Hyde Park, that in the City you can dance for hours to the rhythm of the rain and that the most unforgettable nights are underground, when the tube closes. Then it really livens up down there, under the visible city. And not only that!

In London? you might happen to stumble on Victoria, waiting for years for her true love; you will probably meet the cat Salman, born at midnight in an alley, or you could make friends with Filobus Ford, jack of all trades in an hotel. Maybe he works in yours.

Five sections illustrated by five artists describe a changeable city, the variety of its citizens, the many lives that bring the place to life every day and the stories that could happen afterwards at night.


And to make your travel easier, like any proper guide, Citybox also includes a small dictionary … obviously it contains only useless words!