Title: Lisboa?

Series: Citybox- Guides to getting disoriented in town

Illustrations: André da Loba, Catarina Sobral, Sherley Freudenreich, Mariana Zanetti, Andrea Meneghetti.

Texts: Bas Bleu

Pagine: 64

Product dimensions: 30×15 cm

Price:  20 euros


Lisboa? is the second book of the series Citybox – Guides to getting disoriented in town: surreal guides that depict through images and words a different city from the one we are familiar with, capturing uncommon details and emotions.


Did you know that in Lisboa sardinhas shelter under bridges from rain, the factory of the best cakes in town is hidden in Belem Tower and at night, in the gardens of the city centre, you can reach the stars and even the tropics?


And not only that. In Lisboa you could discover how the city looks seen from the sea, while having a chat with the sailor Afonso; or meet the insomniac Bernardo Soares who wanders around Alfama; or Luis de Camoes, fleeing from betrayed husbands, angry enemies and the terrible Adamastor. In the dead of the night you might happen to hear a voice singing a fado: listen in silence, it’s Amalia Rodrigues giving an encore.

È questa la città raccontata in Lisboa?, un ritratto sospeso tra realtà e immaginazione in cui stili narrativi e figurativi si fondono. Cinque sezioni e cinque illustratori diversi che reinventano la città e invitano a immergersi nella sua anima autentica, oltrepassando il confine tra lo sguardo di un turista e quello di un abitante.


And to make your travel easier, like any proper guide, Citybox also includes a small dictionary … obviously it contains only useless words!