Cultural project + book + exhibition + workshop


Montagne a Fisarmonica is a cultural project to raise awareness of the value of the heritage of the Dolomites, rediscovering their traditional legends in an original way, by asking eight artists to interpret what the mountains mean to them. The project produced an illustrated book, a workshop for children and sound installations.


The book is a box collecting five small accordion books depicting the mountains through artists’ illustrations, using suggestive legends that appear outside of time. Five internationally known artists – Donata Dal Molin Casagrande, Florence Faval, Marzia Ghezzo, Svjetlan Junakovic and Javier Zabala – have drawn the enchanted world of the Dolomites, taking their cue from the classical legends of the place and reinventing them in a poetical way.


The exhibition suggests a possible itinerary of the Dolomites, depicted through the illustrations of the participating artists. The works were exhibited in Belluno and Padua.

The workshop shared the fascination and mystery of the Dolomites with children, by combining storytelling with artists’ images. It was performed in various schools of Padua and Belluno.


Project supported by the European Community, with the contribution of Belluno City Council and the National Park of the Belluno Dolomites.