Photography + video art + sounds atmosphere + contest + exhibition



Luoghi non comuni was a travelling exhibition in the cities of Padua, Venice and Belluno, exhibiting the works of twenty young artists selected by Bas Bleu through a contest.


The exhibition invented a route made of real or imagined places, chosen by the participating artists for their own personal associations. In the exhibition space photos, videos and sound installations recreated the emotions and feelings that these places call forth in the people who inhabit them, who live in them and who cross them.


A big escalator that gives access to the city of Belluno, a civic centre at the Giudecca in Venice and a porch-window in the centre of Padua were the places chosen to show the exhibition, spaces that allowed viewers to see the works in an urban context, in contact with the citizens. Everyday spaces, transitional, changing: uncommon places.


With the participation of:
katia angelini . sivlia artini . estevan bruno . sergio casagrande . lisa castellani chiglia:e:remi . the circle south . enrico coniglio . martina favaro . valentina ferrarese . flu . igor imhoff . alessio monti . eva nardo . veronica organo . benedetta panisson . massimo premuda .  paolo robazza . silvia sbordoni . aleph tonetto

Luoghi non comuni was possible thanks to the support of Regione Veneto.