Our activity does not include only books and projects. Sometimes we enjoy ourselves with themed illustration and workshops, mainly for children. Workshops emerge directly from our projects, or are created and performed at the request of organizations, institutions or schools.
In each workshop we choose an illustration technique to help us explore a topic: that’s how we shared the stories of people who choose to go to Africa and spend their lives helping other people, that’s how we tried to make our city greener, or used an exercise preparing fantastic luggage to remind everyone that imagination is the most powerful way to travel.


Here are our workshops. If you want us to bring one to your town, just contact us


Workshop created and performed by Bas Bleu

For kids 6-10

Pel di Carota Bookshop, Padua

Dedicated to small travellers, this workshop invites them to leave for Lisboa, bringing only a suitcase full of curiosity, wonder and objects. Maybe they’ll find one of the many Lisboa cats, its sardinhas and its river that is so big that it looks like a sea. Ready to go takes inspiration from “Lisboa?”, an illustrated guide from the series “Citybox – guides to getting disoriented in town” created and edited by Bas Bleu.



Calzini alla Mela

Workshop created and performed by Bas Bleu and Oscar Sabini, illustrator
Circolo La Mela di Newton, Padua
From 0-99 years

You’re in town, but then suddenly you feel like you’re in London, or on a Mediterranean island – or on a cloud! And then you create an illustrated postcard using a collage technique to illustrate your imaginary travel. An itinerary of illustration and words dedicated to travel, real or dreamed. For budding creative people, travellers and dreamers of all ages.

Everyday heroes

Workshop created by Bas Bleu for Medici con l’Africa – Cuamm

Performed by Margherita Trotta, author, and Rosaria Zago, illustrator
For children 8 -11 years
Piazza dei Signori, Padua

A pair of shoes, some books, an umbrella, a stair, a water flask, a hug. That’s what “the everyday heroes” who work in Africa might need. They don’t have superpowers or magic powders, but smiles, an open heart and courage. Through words and illustration we redefine these unusual and underappreciated heroes with the children. A workshop created by Bas Bleu for CUAMM to make children aware of topics such cultural diversity, the importance of cooperation and the right to health.

Green Lab

Workshop created by Bas Bleu with Marco Trevisan

Performed by Marco Trevisan, illustrator
For children 8-11 years
Cortile di Palazzo Moroni, Padua
In collaboration with Pel di Carota bookshop – Padua, Favini paper-mill, Maliparmi


What colour are the seasons in town? And where is the nature hiding amongst the colonnades and squares? Are we sure it’s even there? An invitation to look for, imagine and redraw your town in green with recycled material, fabrics, colours, maps, seeds and ideas in any colour. The workshop was performed during the North-eastern Italian Green Night, a three-day event packed with workshops and environmental awareness projects. 

Arrivals and Departures – The suitcase of your dreams

Workshop created and performed by Bas Bleu in collaboration with Studio Mai
For children 6-10 years
Sala Samonà, Padua

Get ready for a fantastic trip! What would you put in your suitcase? And where would you like to go? After having produced a little cardboard suitcase, each kid decides what to bring on his or her imaginary travels. With colours, snippets of paper and fabrics you’ll create your suitcase and give free rein to your imagination!

Montagne a fisarmonica

Workshop created and performed by Bas Bleu
For children 6-10 years
Ludoteca Ambarabà, Padua

Belluno Town council Auditorium

Various schools in Padua


Revealing the fascination and mystery of the Dolomites to youngster: that’s the aim of the workshop performed by Bas Bleu through a live storytelling, original music and artists’ images. A route into the world of the mountains, bringing children closer to their legends and traditions.