Creative projects
We build creative projects, specializing in cultural, scientific and social issues subjects. Through the language of illustration we make ideas real: we make books, and run creative contests, workshops and events. As a group we have experience working in both the European Community and on international projects, with collaborations with European partners.

Publishing projects
We invent and design illustrated books. We edit their contents, image and texts. Sometimes we just want to share Bas Bleu’s perspective on the world; other times we give voice to stories from the organizations we collaborate with. The resulting books, often illustrated by more than one artist, act as an ambassador for the client, communicating ideas in a popular way.

We create workshops for children and adults, using the language of illustration to look at the world from an original and curious perspective. We love exploring, taking our audiences with us on our travels, into nature and different cultures. We combine illustrations and text, alternating discovery and narration as we go.

Image and communication
We create an image and brand identity for our clients: including the creation or redesign of a logo and a coordinated image, promotion and visibility campaigns. We develop web pages in line with our clients’ identity, editing their contents and design. We collaborate with IT professionals in order to guarantee a comprehensive service.

We support our clients in their communications strategy, text writing, and web development for online content creation.