We are a group of professionals. We work to develop communication projects in the field of culture, arts and important social issues. Through the language of illustration we dramatize and share the values, identities and stories of the organizations with which we collaborate. We manage projects from their inception to the final performance or creation of an artefact, drawing on the help of a network of international collaborators and illustrators.

We set up original projects, books, graphic material and web pages. Our work is always characterized by unconventional visual research.

In 2005 we founded a cultural association to promote illustration as an artistic and expression medium – not only for children. We want to support young artists and innovative cultural projects in order to raise knowledge of and awareness about this art form. In particular, we believe in the exchange and dialogue between cultures and we create projects and illustrated books in which more artists are called to work together.

Bas Bleu is:

Andrea Meneghetti * visual design and art direction

Chiara Di Benedetto * project development and communication

Roberto Comunian * project development and fund raising

Valeria Cappelli * editorial and publishing projects